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Digital Solutions Expert
I have more than 15 years of expertise spanning Information Technology support & infrastructure, application development, and marketing strategy. I have helped small, medium, and government sized organizations bridge the gap between IT and Marketing to better engage with their customers.

I offer integrated solutions in systems including web and application design, automation, lead generation, content development, and creative strategy.

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My Experience

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May 01 2022 - Current

Miracles Asia

Sales & Marketing Director

Initial scope began with a focus on improving the organic traffic of the company website & help get the visibility of their Residential Rehab program to a point where they were an internationally recognised brand. 

As time passed, my resposibilities grew to include all areas of the operation, which as of 2022 include:
Search Engine Optimization
Photography of Facilities 
Sales & Invoicing
IT Support
Google Adwords 
Client Admissions
Branding & Signage
Website Design & Development
Lead Management
Direct Customer Engagement
EHR system for Clinical team
Virtual Phone System
Streaming App Configuration
Digital Course Creation
This position has allowed me to fully demonstrate my skillset across all areas of the digital marketing space, while also being able to showcase my compassion & empathy when engaging with clients who are facing the challenges of drug or alcohol addiction. 

2013 - Current


Managing Director

Initially launched in 2013, this small scale agency was my springboard into the world of Search Engine Optimization and Lead Generation. We initially begun with local businesses, and continue to help a handful of long-term clients based in Australia with all aspects of their online presence.

Keeping the scale of this agency relatively small allowed me to focus on delivering high quality results at a price point that was affordable for family operated companies, as well as collaborate on a number of startup projects, while being able to quit my 9-5 corporate position in Sydney, Australia and relocate permanently to Phuket, Thailand.

In late 2023, I began revising the direction for this company, and have since created several of my own affiliate websites and social media channels as a way to generate a more passive method of income.

2014 - 2022

CU -Marketing

Managing Director

At my second marketing agency in Phuket, Thailand, I got to work closely with local business owners, helping them boost their marketing strategies to catch the eye of the ever-increasing number of tourists visiting the island. 

This was not only professionally fulfilling but also kept me in line with Thailand’s visa and real estate laws, allowing me to live and work in the country legally.

Prior to the Covid 19 pandemic, I was all about helping a variety of businesses -from local hangouts like restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to bigger names including Maritime Training Schools and well-known hotel brands. My focus was on driving their growth and getting them noticed through the use of various techniques and approaches, such as:
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Managment
Social Wifi Configuration
IT Support
Website Design & Development
Lead Management
Google Adwords
Branding & Signage

Jan 2017 - Dec 2021

Galileo Maritime Academy

Lead Generation & Marketing Manager

What began as a commission based arrangement initally turned into a more collaborative role shortly prior to the Covid 19 lock downs. Having always lived near the water, I enjoyed this elevating the presence of this business that offers professional training courses for superyacht and oil rig crew members.

Our own website was created to source enquiries, which when confirmed, were passed to the internal sales team of the company. This functioned quite well with minimal effort on my part once it was all running, and the business was able to grow it's revenue by a substancial amount.

Seeing my skills, the owner reached out for additional assistance in late 2019 and we began the task to rebuild their entire website to give it a more professional look & feel that builds a sense of trust with potential students & boat owners who are seeking world-class training programs.

Aug 2014 - Jan 2021

Mollys Tavern

Website Design, Local SEO & Social Media

Introductions to the owner of this Irish bar came via a friend who played in the band here a few nights a week. The owner was looking to improve the visibility of the diverse range of services they offer from their location on one of the island's busiest' s roads.

I was quickly able to clean up their website, Google Maps and Social Media accounts which brought an almost instant increase to their online visibility. Following this, the owner was keen to see what else was possible and we began to manage their social media posts and advertising across 3 platforms.

Additionally, I introduced a custom built Social WiFi system that allowed the business to capture the details of all customers who visited the location and used their WiFi and use that information to generate a huge number of reviews on Trip Advisor for the business.

Jan 2016 - Apr 2021

Oz Inflatables

Business Partner

This was great project that offered both enjoyment and a test of skill while communicating with Chinese based manufacturers who were interested in expanding their reach into the Australian market. 

Initial website development began quite well, however after seeing the visibility increase while the sales revenue remained the same, we quickly identified that the language barrier was impacting their ability to close deals.

As discussions continued, the manufacturers moved into other market areas and the site assets were handed over as part of the project wrapping up. I continued to work on this myself for a few months, and after a while I was able to close some sales.

Prior to Covid 19, we were able to generate a reasonable amount of revenue from this website with minimal effort before selling the domain back to the manufacturer during the lockdown period in order to cover other projects which remained viable during this time. 

While our branding and product image enhancements remain, the Chinese owners have let the Search Engine Optimization and sales processes deteriorate over the last 4-5 years. 

Aug 2014 - Current

Phuket Extreme Enduro

Website Design, Social Media & Google Ads

A hobby turned into a side hustle. The simple landing page and funnel setup is connected to Google Ads and generates enquiries for a friend who offers 4 hour guided tours around the island.

While its not a huge earner, it does make a different to their lives and being able to contribute to improving the lives of his family and children is a big enough reward on it's own. 

My own passion for getting out riding reaches back to teenage years growing up near Newcastle, Australia. I continue to ride both road and dirt bikes here in Thailand and this project allows me to mix business with pleasure in a way that works great!

Oct 2003 - Jan 2014

NSW Government

Department of Education & Training

My 10+ year career with the NSW Education Department began as an IT Support Officer at their Newcastle office. I quickly became known for being able to deliver concise and clear information to teachers and admin staff who worked in the 2300+ schools we supported. 

As time progressed, I progressed to more senior roles within the ICT Service Desk, before relating to the Head Office in Sydney to join the Application Development team. 

I was involved with all areas of the ITIL process and our team designed, developed and deployed solutions with the Remedy Server software used by all of the Corporate teams within the IT space of the entire department. 

It was here I got my first taste of development and how to correctly manage all areas of servers, processes and data as it relates to any aspect of the digital landscape. 

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